Oakland Township Parks and Recreation


Our offices are located inside the Paint Creek Cider Mill BuildingPRC-Help Wanted

4480 Orion Road, Second Floor
Rochester, MI 48306
Mailing: 4393 Collins Road, Rochester, MI 48306
General Office Hours 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Master Plan Open House June 6th 6-8pm

Programs may be viewed online or in the newsletter.

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Oakland Township enjoys an abundance of natural beauty in its streams and wetlands, woodlands, and meadows. The management of Oakland Township has supported planning that preserves these valuable natural resources. Since 1975 the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation Commission has been preserving, through acquisitions and donations, over 1500 acres of natural beauty parklands and miles of trails. These special areas offer township residents walking, hiking, biking, horseback riding and nature viewing throughout the changing seasons. The uses are primarily passive in nature, with more active recreation at Bear Creek Nature Park, with a playground, picnic shelter, grill, accessible limestone trails, boardwalks, and docks. Draper Twin Lake Park features an accessible limestone trail and fishing dock. Marsh View Park features a 90-meter archery range, basketball court, scenic overlook, trails, a picnic area, and active recreation fields.

Vision and Mission Statements

Our vision is to provide responsible management and stewardship of our natural resources through quality parks, trails and appropriate recreation experiences now and for future generations.
The mission of the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation Commission is to provide a sustainable system of parks, trails, programs, amenities, and services which creates memorable experiences and a sense of place, contributes to the economic value of the Township and preserves the historical and natural heritage of the landscapes for existing and future generations.