Oakland Township Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Commission holds open meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at the Oakland Township Hall, Main Boardroom, 4393 Collins Road, Rochester, MI  48306, at 7:00pm. The public is welcome to attend and make statements during the scheduled Public Comments portion of the meeting.

2024 Meeting Dates

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes and Agendas may be viewed at  eCode360.
Meeting Packets are located under Misc Documents.

View both live and recorded Parks and Recreation Commission meetings here.
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Parks and Recreation Meeting Procedures

For all that are in attendance, thank you. Any citizen that would like to speak during the Public Comment portion of the meeting, please approach the podium to be recognized by the Park & Recreation Chairperson. To keep accurate records of who spoke and what was stated, please start your comment with your full name. Your address is helpful but optional.

The first Public comment portion is for items not on the meeting agenda. Later in the meeting after an agenda item is discussed or a motion is made and discussed by the Commission there will be public comment portion specific to the agenda item or motion.

 All public comments must be directed to the Chairperson. Public Comment is not a Q & A session but as a Commission we will try to research and hopefully get answers to questions for review in a future meeting. Your Comments prior to a vote on a motion is input that the Commissioners will consider individually or possibly in the group discussion prior to voting. To give all citizens an opportunity, limit your comment to 3 minutes. Please no personal attacks and try to limit repeat comments. The Chairperson reserves the right to halt a speaker or the public comment portion if the noted procedures are not followed.

After a motion, a commissioner is limited to speaking twice for 10 minutes each (Robert's Rules). Once after the motion and again after public comment. All comments must be germane to the agenda item and/or the motion being discussed. Chairperson may request a Roll call on every divided vote.