Oakland Township Parks and Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Commission holds open meetings on the second Wednesday of each month at the Oakland Township Hall, Main Boardroom, 4393 Collins Road, Rochester, MI  48306, at 7:00pm. The public is welcome to attend and make statements during the scheduled Public Comments portion of the meeting.
2021-2022 PRC Meeting Dates

Parks and Recreation Commission Minutes and Agendas may now be viewed at  eCode360.
Meeting Packets are located under Misc Documents.

View previously recorded Parks and Recreation Commission meetings.

Parks and Recreation Meeting Procedures

All debate, comments, and conversation must be directed to the Chairman.

The Chairman must recognize each speaker before he or she speaks.

During debate on a motion, Commissioners are limited to speaking twice, for 10 (ten) minutes each. (Robert's Rules)

All comments must be germane to the agenda item being discussed.

Each citizen is limited to speaking only 3 (three) minutes during public comment.

No repeat comments.

No personal attacks.

Roll call on every divided vote.

Limit on citizen comment during agenda items, 3 (three) minutes, once per agenda item, after Commissioners have discussed the item.

If there is a citizen who wishes to speak, he/she should stand behind the podium once the comment portion begins. If no citizens are in line to speak, the public comment portion will end.