MDEQ Mandated Water Storage: Answers to questions from the August 13, 2019 meeting:
Question- What is the  shape, size, height, and capacity of the water tank at the Knorrwood Pines site?
i.      Tank Characteristics:

ii.      Capacity: 0.5 Million Gallons (500,000 gallons)
iii.      Proposed tank inside diameter is 57.0 ft.  Outside diameter with brick cladding would be about 60.0 ft.
iv.      Wall elevation from floor of tank will be 28.0 with the dome adding another 6 to 8 feet.  Total elevation would be up to 36.0 feet above the current ground level.  Soil will be mounded around the base of the tank to protect against frost heaving so the tank will look shorter than it actually is.
v.      Shape: typical plan and section details are attached from a tank manufacture OHM has worked with in the recent past.  This manufacturer (DN TANK) has built tanks in Commerce Township, Novi, and Canton. 

Question- Why don’t we build on existing storage sites or extend from the existing?
i.      Regarding the question about why we do not add to existing storage sites or extend from the existing system.  Briefly, the cost of connecting the systems together and/or connecting them to the GLWA system would be much, much more expensive than just building these two small tanks in the SE and SW water systems.

Question- Are you aware of any legal roadblocks to the Bear Creek site?
i.      Bear Creek -We have not looked into deed restrictions for Bear Creek during this evaluation. 

Oakland Township Water Systems Survey Report:
Project Innovations was retained in June 2017 by the Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner's Office to distribute a water systems survey to Oakland Township businesses/residents in the Southeast and Southwest Water System Districts. On August 14, 2017 letters of invitation with separate surveys for the Southeast and Southwest Districts were mailed to 2,958 residents. There was a total of 2,204 mailed to the Southwest District and 754 mailed to the Southeast District.
Click here to see their full report.

Oakland County Water Resources Commission presented and discussed the results of the water survey during the Oakland Township Board of Trustees Regular Meeting on October 24, 2017. To view the meeting click here.

Information is also available on the Water Resource Commissioner's Office website.

OHM shared a water engineering presentation at the March 27, 2018 Board of Trustees meeting, click here to view the presentation.

Videos now available from the August 22, 2018 Iron Removal Workshop

Playlist of all 7 videos:

#1 Iron Water Chemistry and Well House Treatment

#2 Water Main and Water Line Flushing

#3 Iron Filters and Sediment Filters

#4 Iron in Water Softeners

#5 Iron in Water Heaters

#6 R.O., Laundry Stains, Cleaning Iron Stains

#7 Sprinklers and Final Summary

Prezi Presentation (no audio)

Iron Removal Workshop FAQs
Iron Removal Workshop Summary
Well Water Flushing FAQs
How to Flush Your Water Heater Tank

Important Water Information and Links:

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Hydrant Flushing Schedule:

Water Heater Flushing