Gallagher Creek Park Path: This new 1000-foot long sidewalk is on on the north side of Silverbell Road, running from Adams Road to Gallagher Creek Park. It’s awaiting finishing touches and will officially open in conjunction with the new playground at the park. Improvements to the crosswalk access at Silverbell and Adams Roads are in the final engineering planning stages and will be completed with the path upgrades around Oakland Christian Church.
Gallagher Creek Park Path

Eagle Creek Boardwalk:
This new 230-foot long boardwalk on Silverbell Road just east of Kern Road was completed in 2017. It provided a long-awaited link to the existing and very popular paths along Silverbell and Kern. Top rails and decking are built of composite material which will reduce maintenance and extend the lifespan of the boardwalk.
Eagle Creek Boardwalk

The Cider Mill Connector:
Completed in September of 2016, this trail offers a safe alternative to using a very busy vehicular bridge on Gallagher Road to reach Goodison and the Cider Mill Building. The cider Mill connector runs from the paint Creek Trail behind Flagstar Bank to the pedestrian bridge on Orion Road and then to the Paint Creek Cider Mill. Many thanks to Flagstar Bank for their generous donation of the easement for this trail.
Cider Mill Connector

Silverbell/Brewster Link: This path at the intersection of Silverbell and Brewster roads connections about 6.25 miles of existing safety paths in one of the highly populated areas of the township. SPT thanks the property owners, Steve and Laura Benequisto, for allowing the easement on their property and recognizing the need for safe routes for their neighbors.

Eagle Creek Boardwalk: The 283’ boardwalk along Silverbell Rd., just east of Kern, connects existing trails around Eagle Creek School to those at Country Creek Subdivision. The result connects about 8.5 miles of continuous trails, including one all the way to Adams Rd.
Eagle creek

Addison Oaks to Cranberry Lake Park Connection: A trail connection alone the south side of Romeo Road from Addison Oaks to Cranberry Lake Park was part of Oakland Township’s original 2006 Safety Paths and Trails Master Plan. This strategic connection was satisfied beyond expectations with the 2012 completion of the “Connector Trail” in Addison Oaks County park. This 2.5 mile network of trails and boardwalks stretches from Lake George Road through Addison oaks east and west units to the Romeo Road crosswalk at Cranberry Lake Park. Funded through Oakland County through a Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant, this trail system links the natural and historical resources of three parks; Bald Mountain Recreation Area, Addison Oaks and Cranberry Lake. This project exemplifies how strategic partnerships can satisfy the need for trail and park connections.
Addison Oaks

Modetz/Adams Connection: Completed in July of 2010, it connects two pathways on the east side of Adams Road, between Dutton and Silverbell. It is an excellent example of how private citizens and SPTC can work together for the betterment of the community. John and Mary Modetz saw that users of the subdivision-built pathway on either side of their property had to veer into Adams Road to continue on the safety path. Recognizing an unsafe situation, they generously offered the easement for a safety path.

Mackley Easement Contribution: The Mackley family, recognizing the need for a north/south connection between township parks has contributed the easement for future path or trail development.