Oakland Township Safety Paths and Trails includes township-owned, non-motorized travel systems the are located in Oakland Township, but are not within township parks. In addition to completed paths, 32 miles of proposed pathways and 16 miles of proposed trails fall under the jurisdiction of the Safety Paths and Trails Committee (SPTC).

In 2005, a township-wide trail and pathway system was included in the master plan. This unique vision to connect Oakland Township’s existing trails, along with parks, schools, businesses, and residential areas with trails and pathways became the basis for a millage that was approved by voters in 2006.

A new Safety Paths and Trails Strategy Plan, prepared by the Safety Paths and Trails Committee (SPTC) is now finished. The results of citizen input at the Open House and an analysis of SPTC goals, strategies, and feasibility are incorporated in the new plan. The completed Strategy Plan, along with a feasibility study completed in 2013, will help guide the SPTC in planning future connections throughout Oakland Township. Click here to view information presented at the 2016 SPT Open House. 

Safety Paths and Trails are not part of the Township Parks and Recreation system, which is funded separately. However, it does serve to implement safe connections to trails in parks throughout the township.

Vision for Connecting Oakland Township
with Safety Paths and Trails

1. Support a Healthy Lifestyle for activities such as walking, cycling, running, cross-county skiing and horseback riding by providing safe routes as an alternative to motorized transportation.

2. Strengthen Our Community Social Connections by providing paths and trails that support the interaction of users of all ages, abilities and interests.

3. Provide Safe Access to Nearby Destinations including parks, regional trails, churches, shopping and community facilities.

The Safety Paths & Trails Committee 

The Safety Paths and Trails Committee (SPTC) was established in 2007 to make recommendations to the Board of Trustees concerning planning, analysis, and implementation of a township-wide trail system. Composed of township officials and residents, the SPTC holds regular meetings to establish criteria to aide in the selection of potential projects. Working with engineering consultants, they consider path location, design, and cost and secure necessary easements. The SPTC also establishes guidelines which will help direct the implementation and maintenance of safety paths and works to share information with residents. The Safety Paths and Trails Committee acts as an advisory body to the elected Oakland Township Board of Trustees.  

Safety Paths & Trails Committee Members

Andrew Zale, Chairperson, Board of Trustees Representative (Term Expires 11/2024)
Teresa Mulawa, Vice-Chairperson (Term Expires 05/2025)
Laurel Johnson, Secretary (Term Expires 05/2025)
Evan Agnello, Committee Member (Term Expires 5/2026)
Shane Smith, Committee Member (Term Expires 6/2027)
John Casadei, Planning Commission Representative (Term Expires 09/2026)
Jim Quesenberry, Parks & Recreation Representative (Term Expires 11/2024)