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Need Help With Invasive Phragmites?

Phragmites Treatment Program

We’re excited to continue our Phragmites Outreach Program. Phragmites does not recognize property lines, so we want to partner with you! This large, invasive grass can spread quickly, choking out native plants, degrading habitat for wildlife, and creating safety and maintenance problems for property owners. We reduce the hassle for you by securing needed permits, qualifying contractors, and coordinating treatment work.  Proper treatment can kill 80 to 95% of Phragmites in the first year!   

The Program is Simple

  1. Get a no-obligation cost estimate from our professional contractor
  2. Agree to treatment once you receive the estimate
  3. Pay the contractor for the treatment costs

To participate, landowners, homeowners associations, or businesses can submit a request for a no-obligation cost estimate by August 1 annually. As a courtesy to our contractors, applications received after August 1 cannot be considered. Return No Obligation Cost Estimate forms by mail to Oakland Township Parks and Recreation, 4393 Collins Road, Rochester, MI 48306. Or return forms by email to bvanderweide@oaklandtownship.org.

No-Obligation Cost Estimate Form

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What to Expect

While the abundance of Phragmites should be much lower after the initial treatment, you should expect to continue follow-up treatment for 3-5 years for complete eradication. Larger, older patches take longer to remove. To get ready for late summer herbicide treatment, mow or knock down dead Phragmites stalks by mid-May. This will make herbicide treatments more effective.

To learn more check out this great resource: Guide To Phragmites Control